Photoshop is one of those really must have tools if you can master it. While it’s overwhelming to say the least, it does have various modes under workspace to reduce the amount of options you may be bombarded with. By reducing the amount of tools to use it helps you understand more about what you need to accomplish. One object you should learn is adding Overlays to a image.

In the examples here I’ve added a very simple overlay of bokeh that I purchased from While very subtle it does help to enhance photos. There are many other overlays that one could use from rose petals to Autumn leafs. If you’ve never played around with overlays in Photoshop I highly recommend it. Not all photos will benefit but the ones that do will really show.

Adding an overlay is as simple as dragging the image over the top of the photo you’re using in Photoshop then adjusting the overlay drop down to screen.

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